Invoice financing bridges the gap in cash flow

When outstanding invoices start to pile up, it can easily mess up your cash flow. You often end up waiting for 30, 60, and sometimes even 90 days to get paid, while expenses continue to accumulate each month.

5 Steps to Invoice Financing


Invoice your client

At the forefront, it’s business as usual. You invoice your client outlining the payment terms for the services your business provides.


Sell invoices to invoice financing company

Apply to sell your invoices to an invoice financing company and submit the necessary documents.


Collect your payment

The invoice financing company will give you 80% to 90% of the total invoice value upfront and-you can receive the money within 24 to 48 hours.


Client pays the invoicing company

The invoice financing company will notify your clients of the new payment arrangement so you don’t have to.

Once the invoices are due, the client will settle the payment with the invoice financing company.


Get the rest of your cash

Once your clients have paid their dues, you’ll receive the rest of the total invoice value, minus a small fee.

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Invoice Financing Services Provider

Take advantage of the fast, convenient, and effortless method of getting the funds you need for your business now!


Complete Control Over Your Finances

We understand that the key to meeting and operating successfully is a steady cash flow. With InvoiceFinancingUSA, you don’t have to wait for months to receive working capital. By exchanging your invoices for upfront capital, you can complete control over your finances.


Collect your Profit

We endeavor to get your account receivables paid out in a matter of minutes. You also get to decide when to access new working capital and auction off unpaid invoices.

A Team of Professional

Lending Experts at Your Service

We have a dedicated team of financing experts that will help you throughout the entire process - from initial consultations to funding.

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Quick Funding

We work hard to speed up the receivables process for you, so you can quickly receive the working capital you need to seize opportunities and grow your business. we believe in chasing dreams, not invoices.


Efficient and Streamlined Invoicing Processess

In this new era of invoicing, we specifically designed our marketplace to provide you with smart solutions. With our help, investing in growth, increasing cash flow, and fast-tracking invoice payments are made possible.

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Our Popular Services


Scalable Financinge Solutions

We offer tailor-made invoicing solutions for businesses of all sizes. With the single scalable solution we offer, you can focus on achieving your goals while working with just one provider.


Best Rate Options

We provide you with options, so you can choose the best rates and terms for your business.


Flexible Funding

We offer flexible funding that aids in your quest for better business management. Not only are you getting a credit line based on the strength of your customers, but you also get to decide how many and which invoices to submit.

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