Invoice Financing For Small Business

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Whatever your business needs, there’s a small business loan for you. Explore your options today!

Small business owners need constant access to working capital to cover day-to-day expenses, purchase equipment, get through an emergency, or grow and expand.

However, affordable and accessible financing hasn’t always been available to small business owners. Most banks are wary of loaning money to small businesses because of the lack of credit and business history. This makes it harder for entrepreneurs like you to take your business to the next level.

At Invoice Financing USA, you can have the capital you need to realize your dreams of expanding your business. The best part? You don’t have to be a financial expert to qualify. Our financial advisors will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have a basic understanding of our services and how the application process works.

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Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is a funding method that enables businesses to accelerate cash flow by using unpaid invoices as collateral. Lenders often give you up to 80%-90% of your total invoice value, depending on the strength of your invoices.

You repay your advance once your customers settle their dues, minus a small transaction fee of 1%-4% of the invoice’s total value per month.

inventory financing

Invoice Financing for Small Business

Loan Amounts: $25,000 to $5,000,000*
Terms: Revolving Credit
Rates: 6% to 18%
Turnaround Time: less than 30 days
Best for: Companies with working capital linked to unpaid invoices.


  • Fast approval with minimal documentation requirements
  • Effective in reducing cash flow issues
  • Excellent option for borrowers with poor credit rating
  • Doesn’t require a personal guarantee since invoices serve as collateral CONS


  • Only applicable for B2B and other invoice-based transactions
  • Higher rates than traditional financing
  • Approval mainly depends on the creditworthiness of your customers.

Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing is a type of revolving credit you can use to purchase materials, products, and inventory for sale. This financial solution lets you use your company’s existing and future inventory as collateral, eliminating the need to pledge personal assets to secure funding. The amount that a business can borrow against their inventory depends on the industry the business is in, inventory turnover, and the type of inventory being offered as collateral.

Inventory Financing for Small Business

Loan Amounts: $25,000 - $10,000,000+
Terms: Revolving Credit
Rates: Starting at 7.25%
Turnaround Time: as little as 24-48 hours
Best for: Businesses that are looking to use existing inventory as collateral or purchase inventory to secure financing.


  • Quick underwriting process
  • No need for personal collateral
  • You can utilize the funds to add a new product line or prepare for the peak season to meet your customer’s demands


  • Higher interest rates
  • Approval can get challenging

Asset-Based Loans

Asset-based loans (ABLs) generally rely on collateral to aid in determining the value of your loan instead of just credit or cash flow. Relying on collateral to acquire financing allows rapidly-growing businesses to maintain the liquidity they need to keep up with capital requirements.

You can choose from the following assets to secure your loan:

  • Account Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Purchase Orders
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Marketable Securities

Remember that the more liquid assets you have or, the faster you can convert them to cash, the higher your loan-to-value ratio is.


Asset-Based Loans for Small Business

Loan Amounts: Up to $100,000,000*
Terms: Flexible
Rates: Starting at 5.25%
Turnaround Time: as soon as ten days
Best for:Companies with valuable assets in their balance sheets


  • Qualify for better terms and rates using liquid assets
  • Easier to get even with less-outstanding credit scores


  • Comes with the risk of losing your assets
  • Low valuation of collaterals

Invoice Factoring

Through invoice factoring, you can increase your funds with money that’s already owed to your business by customers.

The process involves selling your outstanding invoices to a factoring company that’ll give you an advance of up to 90% of the total invoice value, depending on the creditworthiness of your invoiced customers.

This financing solution is beneficial because it significantly reduces the usual wait time of 30-90 days for your customers to pay your business. With invoice factoring, you can get funding in as little as 24-48 hours!

Invoice Factoring for Small Business

Loan Amounts: $25,000 - $5,000,000
Terms: Revolving Credit
Rates: 6%-18%
Turnaround Time:as little as 24-48 hours
Best for:Small businesses dealing with low cash flow due to outstanding invoices.


  • Immediate cash flow
  • Better chance of getting approved
  • No collateral required
  • Improved customer relationships


  • Associated fees can be limiting for a business on a tight budget
  • You may be responsible for unpaid invoices
  • Determining eligibility may depend on your customer’s payment history

Picking the right fit for your business doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our financial advisors are more than happy to help you find the loan option that best fits your business. Get in touch with us today!